Xuzhou Huihe International Trade Co., LTD

Xuzhou Huihe International Trade Co.,Ltd

Nov. 09, 2016

Xuzhou Huihe International Trade Co.,LTD is a professional industry and trading company specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of high quality glass packaging. we are working on 13 series of glass articles with thousands of types, such as glass jars, wine bottle, beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, perfume bottle , nail polish bottle , spice bottle, decorative bottle, glass bowl, caps and labels and the related products

Our company have 13 workshops and 30 assembly lines, so that our annual production output is up to 350 million pieces (170,000 tons). And we have 6deep-processing workshops which are able to offer frosting, logo printing, spray printing, silk printing, engraving, polishing, cuttingto realize "one- stop " work style products and services for you.

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