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How To Save Coffee Beans?

Jul. 09, 2018

The roasted coffee beans are easily oxidized by the oxygen in the air, so that the oil quality is deteriorated, the aromatic taste is also volatilized, and the temperature is deteriorated by temperature, humidity, sunlight, and the like. Therefore, the method of preserving coffee beans usually requires sealing, low temperature and protection from light.

Drinking coffee is fresh, and if the coffee beans are not properly preserved, it will accelerate the loss of the aroma of the coffee beans, thus affecting the taste of the coffee, so the preservation of the coffee beans is a key point. Below High Quality Glass Packaging Supplier will share with you: the method of saving coffee beans.

Some friends will ask if the coffee beans can be stored in the refrigerator. Our suggestion is that if the unopened coffee beans can be placed in the refrigerator, the temperature will decrease and the oxidation rate of the coffee beans will slow down. However, if the coffee beans have been opened, it is not recommended to be placed in the refrigerator. Among the important elements that affect coffee, moisture is the most important influence on the taste of coffee. Coffee beans will absorb moisture and the taste will be greatly deteriorated.

After the opening of the coffee beans, it is recommended to put the coffee beans in a 250g Glass Coffee Jar or use a special sealing strip. After sealing, store in a cool and dry place.

250g Glass Coffee Jar

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