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The Reason Why The Mug Can't Make Tea

Jul. 04, 2018

In fact, the mug can not make tea, today Ring Neck Sauce Bottle Supplier China will tell you why the mug can not make tea!

1. Affect the taste of tea

The temperature of the thermos cup is relatively high. If the tea leaves are soaked at this temperature for a long time, the nutrients of the tea itself will disappear, and the tea polyphenols, tannins and other substances contained in the tea will be leached in a large amount, making the tea color thick and bitter. Taste, so it is not suitable to use a thermos cup.

2, reduce the health function of tea

Drinking tea can refresh, and the tea itself has many beneficial effects on the human body. If the tea is soaked for a long time under high temperature, the aromatic oil in the tea will quickly evaporate, reducing the fragrance of the tea, and the vitamin C contained in the tea will also be destroyed. This will lose the health function of tea.

3, easy to produce tea scale is not easy to clean

Tea will accumulate a layer of dirty tea stains in the cup for a long time. After a period of time, the tea will often accumulate a layer of dirty tea stains, and it is not easy to clean. There is no fragrance in it. If you accumulate a layer of tea stain for a long time, it will not only be unsanitary, but also shorten the life of the mug.

4. What container is suitable for making tea?

The most suitable green tea is the borosilicate glass. The high-grade borosilicate glass brand on the market. The cup is crystal clear and can admire the elegant stretch of the green tea. Moreover, the material of the glass cup is relatively stable and does not precipitate harmful substances to the human body. The glass cup is clear and transparent, and is easy to clean, so that it is more clean and hygienic. You can also choose Custom Tailored Bottles.

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