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What Factors in the Production of Glass Bottle Damage the Surface Finish of the Bottle?

Nov. 06, 2018

What factors in the production of glass bottle such as 300ml beer Wine Bottle damage the surface finish of the bottle?

300ml beer Wine Bottle

When the glass billet falls into the initial mold, it cannot enter the initial mold accurately. After rubbing with the mold wall, it will form folded patterns. After blowing, the creases will be diffused, and the glass bottle will be folded.

Upper feeding machine shear mark over, a few glass bottles after shaping shear scar appeared in the body.

The material of the glass bottle such as 750ML Clear Liquor Bottle is poor, the density is not enough, the high temperature will oxidize too fast, and a small concave point will be formed on the surface of the glass bottle.

The poor quality of the glass mould oil will make the mould less lubricated, the oil dropping speed will be reduced, and the mould will change too quickly.

The design of the initial mold is not reasonable, the mold cavity is small, after the material drops into the mold, the diffusion is not uniform, will cause the glass bottle such as 750ML Clear Vintage Wine Bottle body spots.

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