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Glass Bottles in the Production of Broken Glass Considerations

Mar. 04, 2019

Glass bottles such as Airtight Glass Jar are more common in life and can be used to store a variety of products. Glass bottles need to master the mature process during processing. If you want to solve them in time, you can produce quality glass bottles.

When using colorless broken glass, it is necessary to add a sufficient amount of coloring agent to the ingredients. The non-cooling is related to the amount of cullet added.

If you use the purchased colorless soda lime cullet, you need to customize the quality standard of purchased cullet, and choose the high white material bottle glass which is close to the design component of the sea blue glass. The supply should be relatively stable to prevent the metal concrete block from being mixed. Purchased broken glass ingredients

Adding cullet will only increase the proportion, which will bring clarification difficulties. After chemical composition adjustment, the glass viscosity temperature relationship needs to meet the requirements, and the glass batch material should also be supplemented with clarifying agent dosage.

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