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Glass Bottle Manufacturer Quality Inspection Personnel Monitoring Precautions

Jan. 11, 2019

As a glass bottle supplier, providing all kinds of bootle such as Glass Commestic Bottle, we want to tell something about the quality control personnel of the glass bottle manufacturer shall monitor the matters needing attention: Regarding most glass bottle manufacturers, after the quality inspectors monitor the precautions, they will receive the product quality problems of the customers every year, causing customers to complain and throwing away on both sides. Reasons for blame: The first is the improper quality control in the process. Now I have some key points on the quality control in the process:

 First, the mold inspection:

1. Most of the manufacturers who produce glass bottles are made according to the molds supplied by customers, or according to the newly opened molds of drawings and sample bottles such as the Glass Spice Bottle. The standard of molds that will affect the molding will be communicated and negotiated with customers in the mold opening. The agreement on the revision of the key criteria has reached a consensus, which has a crucial impact on the subsequent product yield and shaping.

2. All the molds must be matched with the die, the initial mold and the mold of the mold when entering the factory, and checked according to the drawings or the requirements of the customer.

 Third, the process inspection:

1. In the case of no mold change, every 2 hours, 2 pieces per mold are used for capacity and material weight detection, and the inner and outer diameters of the mouth are also required to be tested. Because the die is simply covered with oil in the application, the cover is not leaky. Wine phenomenon.

2. In the process, the mold may be replaced by a new mold. Therefore, the mold shop must notify the quality inspection workshop immediately after the mold change, and the quality inspection workshop must make the first piece of the bottle such as the Glass Beverage Bottle  that is newly replaced. Inspection and inspection of the process, the quality problem caused by the missed inspection after the mold change.

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