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What Are The Classifications of Glass Bottles By Purpose?

Jan. 07, 2019

The proportion of the bottle such as Glass Storage Jar and container in the glass bottle is very large, and the product design is more classic. The following are mainly bottle and container, according to the classification: 1. Beverage bottle, used for various beverages, such as wine bottles, Glass Beer Bottle, juice bottles, coffee Bottles, 2. Food bottles, used to package foods, such as dried fruits, preserved fruits, fish, meat, fruit bottles, etc., 3. Glass Spice Bottle, used to hold a variety of edible condiment bottles, such as soy sauce, vinegar, salty, sour, spicy dishes, etc., 4. Cosmetic bottles, used to package all kinds of cosmetics, such as perfume, moisturizer Etc. 5. Medicine and health care products bottles for packaging various medicines or health care products, such as various medicine bottles, salt water bottles, etc. 6. Chemical medicine bottles for packaging various medical or chemical reagents, such as various organic, Inorganic acid, alkali, salt and various indicators, colorants, etc. 7. Stationery bottles, mainly ink bottles, paste bottles.

Glass Spice Bottle

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