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The Drawing Process of Glass Bottle

Oct. 26, 2018

Glass bottle such as Vintage Juice Glass Tumbler Cup drawing process: it is used to produce hollow glass containers, and related products include decorative crafts and laboratory utensils. The quality of the products depends on the temperature control in the process and the proficiency of operators

Process cost: no mould cost, single part cost (medium-high)

Typical products: artwork, jewelry, lab ware

Output suitable: single piece or small batch production

Quality: high surface accuracy depends largely on the operator's experience and skill

Speed: the cycle length of the single piece depends on the size and molding complexity of the finished product

(I) design considerations

1. There is no restriction on the glass bottle such as 270ml Woozy Sauce Glass Container firing and drawing process, and the designer's imagination can be fully applied

2. The glass bottle such as 750ML Corked Glass Gin Bottle firing and drawing process is suitable for the production of functional vessels and decorative artworks

3. The glass burning and drawing process relies on the melting and fusion of glass rods, so the expansion rate of glass (COE) should be the same, otherwise cracking will occur

750ML Corked Glass Gin Bottle

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