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What is Glass Bottle Packaging Container?

May. 07, 2018

The glass bottle packaging container is a transparent container made by blowing and molding a molten glass frit. Glass packaging containers are mainly used to package liquid, solid pharmaceutical and liquid beverage products.

There are many types of glass bottle packaging containers, which are classified as follows:

(1) Sort by bottle size

1 Small bottle mouth. It is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of less than 20mm, used for packaging liquid materials, such as soft drinks, beer, etc.

2 Big bottle mouth. Also known as canned bottle, bottle mouth diameter greater than 30mm, its neck and shoulders are shorter, the bottle shoulder is flat, mostly canned or cup-shaped. Due to the large bottle opening, loading and discharging are easier, and are mostly used for packaging canned foods and viscous materials.

Glass Bottle Packaging Container

(2) Classification by bottle geometry

1 Round bottle. The round body of the bottle is the most widely used bottle type and has a high strength.

2 Square bottles. The cross-section of the bottle is square. The strength of this bottle is lower than that of the round bottle, and it is difficult to manufacture, so it is less used.

3 Curved bottle. Although the cross section is round, but in the height direction is a curve, from the concave and convex two, such as vase, gourd, etc., a new form, very popular with users.

4 Oval bottle. The cross section is elliptical, although the capacity is small, but the shape is unique, and the user also likes it.

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