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How to Remove the Glass of Tea Stains?

Jan. 28, 2019

Nowadays, many people like to drink tea, but the tea stains on the cup such as the Hexagon Glass Jar are difficult to eradicate. A layer of tea stains on the inner wall of the tea set contains various metal substances such as cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic and mercury. They are brought into the body during tea drinking, and are combined with the protein, fat and vitamins in the food to form insoluble precipitates, which hinder the absorption of nutrients. At the same time, these oxides can cause neurological, digestive, urinary hematopoietic system diseases and functional disorders, especially arsenic and cadmium can cause cancer, causing fetal malformation and endangering health. Therefore, those who have tea habits should always clean the tea stain on the inner wall of the tea set. In order to make you no longer worry about this matter, glass bottle manufacturers introduce several ways to remove tea stains:

(1) Remove the tea stains on the tea partition of the metal. When using the tea made of metal, it will become dark due to the tea stain. If it can not be washed with a medium-sized detergent, it can be soaked with vinegar or bleach. After soaking, you can simply go to the tea stains. (2) Remove the tea stains on the teacup or teapot. If the teacup or teapot is used for a long time, it will be washed by a lot of tea stains, sponge and salt, and can be easily removed. (3) In addition to small tea For stains, soak them in a solution of bleach or cleaning powder and leave them for one night to remove the tea stains. (4) Scrub them with toothpaste or broken egg shells, then rinse them off with water.

 There is also a way to easily remove the tea stains: first prepare the hot water, then take a potato and crush it into the cup, pour the prepared heat into the cup for 10 minutes, then simply wash it. Go to the cup of tea stains, the principle is that there is starch in the potato, these starch has a strong suction, so it is very simple to remove the dirt in the cup.

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