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Better also plastic bottle with a glass bottle packaging honey?

Apr. 04, 2019

Better also plastic bottle with a glass bottle packaging honey?

Honey is very common in our daily life, drink honey water more, have profit to body health not only, and can hairdressing raises colour very much. The chemical property of honey is a weakly acidic liquid, which will be oxidized if it is used in a metal container. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice of Honey Packaging Bottles, such as plastic bottles or Glass Bottles. So is honey packaged in glass bottles or plastic bottles? Below we look at together.

Most Honey Packaging is in the market now use plastic bottle and glass bottle, two kinds of packaging has its own advantages, plastic bottles, much smaller than the weight of the glass bottle, and relatively easy to anti-throw, also easy to transport, but the hardness of plastic packaging is much lower than the glass bottle, plastic bottle are more prone to deformation, has the honey leakage situation, will be prone to friction, will influence the honey packaging beautiful.

                                                       Honey Packaging

Compared with plastic bottles, glass bottles are more safe and hygienic. The bottle body can also be engraved with printing to increase the aesthetics of packaging. In the process of transportation, there will be no deformation of packaging bottles.

Although it is two kinds of packaging each have advantages and disadvantages, but most of the honey in the market now is glass bottle packaging, because the glass bottle packing honey is more popular with consumers, they think of glass packaging more security, and the quality of the glass bottle is better, in addition, the glass bottles after use also can be used when the water glass.

It seems that honey is better packaged in glass bottles and more popular among consumers.

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