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Introduction of Ice Wine

Jan. 23, 2019

Ice wine is a sweet wine. A wine made from naturally frozen grapes on vines at low temperatures.

230ML Frost Ice Wine Bottle

Ice wine is best used to accompany the dessert. Fragrant ice wine most suitable for individual tasting, tea time or a drink after dinner, you can drink directly when the drink. Ice wine is usually very rich, the best time not to drink too much, the weight of each cup should not be too much, the ideal ice wine drinking temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, some people think that the wine temperature minus 7 degrees Celsius is most appropriate to reduce the sweet ice wine , It will not be too ice, enough to distribute charming wine. Fresh ice wine after opening a bottle, and will not be like the average wine immediately go away, drink endless, sealed the bottle back into the refrigerator, you can save more than a week.

Normally, ice wine is stored in glass bottles. HUIHE International sell high quality ice wine glass bottles with factory price, such as 375ml Ice Wine Bottle, 230ML Frost Ice Wine Bottle is welcomed.

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