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What is the Role of Honey Glass Bottles?

Mar. 22, 2019

With the rapid development of the social economy, many food industries are developing rapidly, especially as people's requirements for quality of life are constantly improving, and many friends will eat honey. Honey has a lot of benefits for our body, but many of our friends don't know much about the packaging and storage methods of Hex Glass Jar. Some of them will use the used bottles and food bottles after cleaning and then use them again. And some friends will choose to use honey glass bottles, then, what is the role of honey glass bottles? What are the advantages of this honey glass bottle?

We will find that the characteristics of honey glass bottles such as Cylinder Honey Jar are quite numerous, and the packaging style is also various. You can choose the glass octagonal honey bottle. The shape of this glass octagonal honey bottle is mainly packed with tinplate cap. It has the characteristics of good sealing, and the method of opening and closing is relatively simple. Another type of packaging adopts the form of a pointed mouth, which is convenient to open and has become popular in recent years.

In the market, we will see a variety of different honey bottle packaging styles such as the Cylinder Glass Honey Jar, there are a variety of honey-like bottles in the shape of honeycomb and bee-shaped, and the material mainly includes metal, glass, plastic, ceramic and other forms. We can choose between metal and glass, as well as plastic glass bottles.

Hex Glass Jar

Generally, when choosing a honey bottle, you need to choose a honey glass bottle. This honey glass bottle needs to be cleaned and cleaned, and the honey should not be overfilled, especially when transporting, leaving 25%~30% of the space. In a dry, clean, ventilated outdoor, you need to keep the room temperature at 5~10 °C, and need to leave 25%~30% of the space when transporting. Generally, the types of honey stored in different varieties are different. The whole honey mainly includes purple nectar honey, rape nectar, citrus nectar, etc. We can choose according to the needs of consumers, and can put honey in a high vat and let it stand. In a high temperature, dry room.

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