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Notes In Daily Use Of Honey Glass Bottles

Mar. 30, 2019

Honey glass bottle such as 420ml Glass Honey Jar is the container that we often can use, but the use of honey glass bottle has exquisite, everybody knows? Do not know that there is no relationship, the following please take a look at our company on the use of honey glass bottles should pay attention to the question of the analysis of the introduction!

Notes in daily use of honey glass bottles

First, when using the Honey Glass Bottle, do not force the glass surface, it will make the honey glass bottle appearance cracked. In order to avoid the glass is scratched, in the process of use must not touch the glass with sharp things.

The 2nd, undertake washing at ordinary times to honey vitreous bottle, when swabbed, must use softer wetter towel, if run into besmirch, that can use essence of some of wash clean or be alkaline face undertakes cleanness. Once the spotted bottle shows dirty marks, you can use a toothbrush with cleaning effect to remove the stains quietly, so that cleaning can effectively remove the stains. If discover a few dirtier bottles to pass apply general method to already had no method to take out appearance besmirch, can apply clings to film such method take out besmirch, this kind of method also is relatively good.

                                               Honey Glass Bottle

Third, pay attention to the stable place. Generally speaking, if the honey vitreous bottle that USES is optimal, put in a relatively stable place, must not be able to shake at will. The end result is that the bottle is so unstable that it falls to the ground.

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