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Where Are the Advantages of Glass Wine Bottles?

Jan. 23, 2019

Good chemical stability: the quality of the container material is directly related to the safety of food, so many countries attach great importance to this. When glass wine bottles are used as drinks containers, there is no emanation from the container material because of their chemical stability. Compared with other containers, greatly ensure the safety of food, which is superior to other bottles of glass bottles is very important.

Glass Whisky Bottle

Good sealing: Whether it is beer, white wine or wine, glass bottles can guarantee a complete seal. For example, 375ml Ice Wine Bottle, 330g Glass Vodka Bottle, 300g Glass Whisky Bottle, 530ml Glass Beer Bottle. Unlike most plastic and paper containers, the glass container is not breathable, which not only prevents the bottle from volatilizing but also prevents the outside air from affecting the drink.

Diverse shapes: According to customer requirements, designed into a variety of shapes, the freedom to choose their capacity and form of seal.

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